• Ph.D. Social/Personality Psychology          2011
    University of California, Riverside
  • M.A. General Experimental Psychology     2006
  • Wake Forest University
  • B.A. Psychology- Graduated Cum Laude   2004
    Elon University

Major Research Interests:

  • Associations between personality, health, and behavior across the lifespan
  • Multi-method approaches to studying personality and social psychology
  • Person perception and impression management
  • Situational assessment

Work in Progress:

  • Studying the relationships between personality, health, and behavior across the lifespan.
  • Using multi-method approaches (e.g., directly observed behavior, peer reports, teacher ratings, clinician judgments) to understand personality and social psychological phenomena.
  • Examining the role of impression management in understanding: a) how people are perceived and b) the causes and consequences of how one is perceived.
  • Connecting how people perceive the situations they experience to important life and behavioral outcomes.
  • Examining the accuracy of snap judgments of health.