***Interested in being a part of the PHB Lab? Download the attached Research Assistant application and return to Chris Nave, Room 342, Armitage Hall. Decisions for RA’s are typically made towards the end of a semester- at about the time that students start registering for classes. *** Application: Research Assistant Application PersonalityHealthBehaviorLab

Current Lab Projects:

  • Our lab consults on a funded project: Personality and Health: A Longitudinal Study.  This research is supported by the National Institute on Aging Grant AG20048, awarded to Sarah E. Hampson, Principal Investigator.
    • Behavioral coding personality interviews and cognitive ability tasks to assess the relationship between personality, health, and behavior.
  • Romantic Relationships and Health Study. This research is supported by the Rutgers Faculty Research Grant Program and awarded to Kristin A. August, Charlotte, N. Markey, & Christopher S. Nave.
    • Examining the relationships between personality, health and behavior in gay male couples. The project will also compare the pattern of relationships from gay male couples with heterosexual and lesbian women couples (data collected by Charlotte N. Markey).
  • Self-Presentation and Personality Judgment Study. Our lab is investigating the role that motivations play in interactions- and whether these motivations result in more- or less successful interactions. Other research questions involves whether people actively alter their personality to meet particular interaction goals, and whether judges “see through” what an interaction partner is displaying or if they”buy into” what their partner is selling during an interaction. 

Current Collaborators:

Kristin A. August & Charlotte N. Markey: Rutgers University, Camden

Sarah E. Hampson & Lewis R. Goldberg: Oregon Research Institute

David C. Funder: University of California, Riverside

Ryne A. Sherman: Florida Atlantic University